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CMA-Capital Market Authority


The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is a Saudi Arabian financial regulatory organization that was established in 2003 to regulate and develop the capital markets in the Kingdom.

The CMA is a government body that works under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, and it is responsible for protecting investor rights, setting rules and regulations, and developing the capital markets.

The CMA works to ensure the stability of the Saudi Arabian financial system and the protection of investors. The CMA‘s main goal is to create a safe and efficient capital market that will foster economic growth and development.

The CMA is responsible for the issuance and regulation of laws and regulations related to the capital markets and for overseeing the activities of financial intermediaries. The CMA also provides guidance to investors and works to ensure that the capital markets are transparent and wellregulated. The CMA provides a range of services to investors, including the provision of information about the capital markets and the availability of educational materials.

The CMA also provides a range of services for the financial intermediaries, such as registration, licensing, and monitoring of compliance. The CMA also works to provide guidance on corporate governance, risk management, and investor protection. The CMA is also responsible for the enforcement of regulations and the oversight of market participants.

The CMA also provides market surveillance, including the monitoring of trading activities, and the investigation of market misconduct. Finally, the CMA is responsible for the formulation of capital market policies and the development of the capital markets. The CMA has been successfully implementing its goals and objectives since its establishment and has been instrumental in the development of the capital markets in the Kingdom.

The CMA has been recognized internationally for its commitment to developing the capital market and protecting investors rights.

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